Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Louisville, KY

Today we actually got out before noon! It was about 10:30 when we got out the door. The truck unhitched without a problem. Woo Hoo, it's gonna be a good day!! First stop was to get the truck bed measured for it's new cover. We met James at Fitszimmons Upholstery who was reccomended to us by Howard and Linda from RV-Dreams.com. What a nice guy he was and very accomodating. We're dropping the truck off on Thursday and will pick it up on Friday. YAY!! We may be able to get out of this weather sooner than we thought. We're kinda torn because we'd really like to spend more time with our friends (Steve & Lisa) but it's so freakin cold!! It's supposed to snow tonight!! I guess we'll just have to meet them in Florida next winter. That okay with you, Lisa?

After we left James we went downtown to the Louisville Slugger Museum and factory. Rod and I are HUGE baseball fans. Me for the Padres and him for the Mariners. We purchased the factory tour which came with entry into the museum and a special Roberto Clemente exhibit that was there on loan from the Smithsonian. Really Cool!! What a humanitarian he was and so loyal to his native Puerto Rico. When his wife was ready to deliver their children she had to return to Puerto Rico so that the children would be born there.

The factory tour was awesome as well. I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the factory or the Roberto Clemente exhibit but I was allowed to snap away in the museum so of course I did. I'll just let the pictures explain themselves.

Can you believe the size of this bat???

We were going to do laundry today but spent too much time at the museum and tonight we're having happy hour and dinner with Steve & Lisa. Boy, are we getting spoiled while we're here. Tomorrow we'll have to do dinner. Hmmmmm, I wonder where they want to go. LOL

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Anonymous said...

Lisa here! Love the blog. Be sure you take a photo of your rig in our backyard!