Monday, February 18, 2008

Atlanta, GA & Louisville, KY

Wow! We've been busy. I couldn't update because we moved and spent four days in Fort Mountain State Park in Chatsworth, GA and had no internet connnection. There were too many trees there and I was too lazy to go into town for wifi. Man was it cold there. I'll talk about that later.

Before we left Hard Labor Creek we visited the Coca Cola Museum and CNN in Atlanta. That was a very interesting day. The Coca Cola museum isn't a bottling plant although they did say that they bottle their signature bottle there and had a mini plant where you could watch the operation from beginning to end. I love that kind of stuff. At the end of the tour they had several stations where you could taste a lot of the different products that they make but export to other countries and of course there were also stations where you could taste the different flavors that are sold here in the U.S. Then they gave us a little bottle of coke to take with us. Here I am enjoying a coke with the guy who founded Coca Cola. Can't remember his name.

Here are some more pictures from the Coca Cola museum:

We left there and headed a few blocks over to CNN. The CNN Center is the headquarters for CNN, CNN International, and Headline News. We took the one hour tour of the studio. Pretty nice. We saw the actual afternoon broadcast with Don Lemon and Brianna Keilar. It was kinda funny though because every time they went to commercial they would both get on their laptops that were sitting right next to them. They never said one word to each other. We were not allowed to take any pictures on the tour. Here are a few of the pictures that I was allowed to take:

Front of the building:

This is what we had to wear on the tour:

Ever day we passed these cows that were colored in the oddest way. On the day that I wanted to take pictures they were very uncooperative. They were always down by the road all other days. This was the last day I had to take pictures of them. When I "Googled" it I got two different descriptions. One was that this particular breed came from Holland and are called Dutch Belted dairy cows. Another description is that they are called the Belted Galloway from Scotland. Wherever they came from they're pretty cool looking. I really liked the name of the farm.

We left Hard Labor Creek and headed north and west to Fort Mountain State Park in Chatsworth, GA. It was about a 4 hour drive straight up the mountain. Elevation is 2800 feet. We didn't do much while we were there because it was so incredibly cold. We got up one morning to 14 degrees!! Now, THAT is cold!! I don't think I even left the rig that day. We did manage to do a little hike one day when the temps warmed up a little (a lot!). There's an old fort here or at least the ruins of an old fort. Actually all that's left is part of the stone wall of the fort but this is what the park advertises as a must see. The hike to it is almost straight up and it has stone steps. It's a lot easier to hike on regular dirt than those steps so coming down I just walked on the side where there were no steps. We were planning on pulling out on Saturday morning about 10:30. I haven't updated the blog because we had no internet here with the heavy tree cover. The dish tried for a few hours to get a signal in between the trees before giving up and stowing itself away. I was too lazy to go into town (which was 20 miles away) for WiFi. We had HD and cable so we were fine.

Did I mention how cold it was??

This is the rock wall

Click on the picture and you'll see the elevation

When we tried to hitch the rig to the truck to leave it wouldn't latch. We worked on hitching it up for about an hour and half. The guy who was staying a few sites away from us came over to see what was up. He ended up taking the hitch apart and found a piece that was bent. He bent it back, we hitched up and it worked great!! Finally, we were on our way at noon.

We were planning on spending the night at the Camping World in Bowling Green, KY. All Camping Worlds will allow you to stay overnight in their parking lots free of charge. When we got there somebody was already hooked up to their one and only hookup. We were just going to stay anyway but the parts guy inside said there was a KOA Kampground a few miles down the road so we went there. When we checked in I asked the girl if she would assign us to a spot where we could get a satellite signal and she said, "Oh sure, no problem". When we got to the site that she assigned us to there were three very large trees right next to us! We tried to get a signal but the dish was just going around and around. Rod was NOT having any of this at this late hour as it was going to be dark soon. He went back to the office and told them we were moving to a different site where there were no trees in the way and they said, "That's fine, just tell us what site you're in." Cool. We got moved, sent the dish up and it locked on right away. SWEET! We've got internet!!

We were awake at about 6:00 in the morning with the wind howling like crazy and the rain really coming down. The rig was rocking really hard. We had stowed the dish the night before because we heard there was going to be wind. By 7:00 I got up because I just couldn't sleep with all that rocking around. Rod went back to sleep till 10:30. I swear I don't know how he does that. We were contemplating just staying put because we really didn't want to drive with all that wind. The other 5 RV's that were here left though. We checked the weather reports and it was supposed to snow on Monday so if we didn't leave on Sunday we were going to be staying put till Tuesday. We figured if the wind got too bad we could always pull off the road and wait it out. I just can't believe we keep heading further and further north in the winter!! We were only two hours away from Louisville so onward we went.

We finally had an uneventful trip. We didn't unhitch in Bowling Green so we had hardly anything to do to get on the road. Man, Kentucky roads are absolutely horrible. I've never been bounced around so much in my life. I don't think we'll ever drive through Louisiana in the truck. I already know how bad the roads are there. We've been there in a car and we thought those roads were bad. I can't even imagine how they would be in the truck. BUT, we're finally here in Louisville!! We are staying in the back driveway of some really good friends of ours. We have 50amp electric, water and even a sewer hookup. Can you believe that??? We feel so spoiled. We have known these friends for quite a few years but haven't seen them for 2 years. They used to come down to Florida in their motorhome in February to get away from the Louisville weather for a few weeks. They've parked their motorhome in our driveway before but we never thought we'd be in theirs. Funny how life works out.

Ahhhhhhh, it feels so good to know that we're just going to stay put for a few weeks. That is so relaxing. I wish we were in warmer weather but it's really nice to be around some people that we know and really like. It's supposed to snow this afternoon and every day this week has a chance of snow. Oh well, we're not going anywhere so life is good......

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