Friday, February 01, 2008

Hard Labor Creek State Park, GA

I know, funny name, huh? It has something to do with either slaves or native Americans having trouble navigating the "river". There seems to be some kind of disagreement here about which. Not sure if it's because of the drought here or what but it's really nothing more than a creek and it sure wouldn't be hard to navigate. Oh well, funny name anyway.

I can't believe it's been a week since I updated. Time just seems to get away from me. We just LOVE it here. After spending a whole month in a parking lot it's just so nice to open the shade by my bed in the morning and see nothing but woods. This is exactly what I envisioned when we first came up with the idea to live fulltime in an RV. Rod wants to stay here for awhile but I'm okay with finding a new place. I know there's lots more places just like this out there. Check out our back yard.

We did do some hiking the other day. There are two trails here that are pretty much side by side. One is marked every now and then with yellow splotches of paint on the trees and the other one with splotches of red. The yellow one is one mile and the red one is two miles. We started on the yellow one but somehow got messed up and ended up on the red one. We were too far in to go back and knew that the trail was a loop so we just kept going. So, we ended up walking three miles that day. Haven't gone back since. Rod's been busy gathering firewood anyway. It's been so cold at night that having a fire is so nice. He made this nice little stack of wood. Well, we did go buy some from this guy down the road who had a little stand. But all the rest of it Rod went out and scrounged. It wasn't hard to find though. There's dead wood ALL over the place here but it burns so fast that it's nice to have the other wood that we bought.

Today was a stay inside day because it's so cold outside. Right now at 2:00 in the afternoon it's only 49 degrees. Check out the inside temp though. LOL I'm happy with 72 degrees.

The plan was to go visit Stone Mountain on Monday but according to the weather reports it's going to rain so we decided to go tomorrow (Saturday) because it's supposed to be sunny and semi-warm (low 60's). We figured even though it'll be Saturday there won't be a whole lot of people there at this time of year. Our campground only has 3 rv's besides the camp host. We saw 2 more rigs come in today so I guess it must be the weekend. We're also going to stop at a RV place on the way to look for a Blueboy. For my non-rving friends a Blueboy is a container on wheels that you can dump your holding tanks into and drag it to the dump station without having to close up the rv and hookup to the truck and then come back and set up all over again. This way you just hookup the Blueboy to the truck and drag it to the dump. Just part of the icky part of fulltime rving.

We got our satellite dish installed the other day. It's so awesome. Now we get internet and Directv out here in the middle of nowhere!! There is a blue light on it that shines at night. Kinda eerie looking but I think it's cool. The lady in the spot next to us said she saw it when she came in late one night and it led her right to her motorhome. We had the big test with the satellite dish yesterday. We had to hook up and go dump our tanks so this would be the first time stowing the dish and then putting it up again. Everything went VERY well. I was so happy. Finally something went right. We've been having trouble hooking up the hitch, our propane is only working partway and our left front jack isn't working so to have something work the way it's supposed to was really nice. We even stowed it away last night because the weatherman said we were supposed to have high winds. I read that you're supposed to stow it if the winds reach 40 mph and I heard on the news that they were reporting 50mph gusts. I had enough confidence in the dish to know that I could stow it away and then put it up again in the morning. Worked like a charm again. I haven't been able to watch the Food Network since December 20th!!! I'm so thrilled to be able to see it again. For those of you who know me you know the withdrawals I was going through. Tonight I'm making lobster bisque. Not really. It comes in a plastic bag and all I do is boil it.


Jenny Johnson said...

Love your blog. You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work. It was fun to talk to you in chat and I look forward to more of the same - chat is a blast!!!

Shelli said...

49*?! Shoot, I'd be wearing capris and sandals in that weather!!!