Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Birthday Party

Ashton's "real" birthday was yesterday so we celebrated with his other grandparents, Dave & Betty and my daughter, Michele and son-in-law Todd. Betty worked all day and then came home and put on some kind of spread. Wow, yummy oven baked brisket, potatoes, peas, corn, a wonderful spinach salad and bread. We were going to bring an ice cream cake but Betty still had a whole gallon of ice cream that she had bought for the other party not knowing that the party place supplied the ice cream. We probably could have had Michele just bring the leftover cake because now they have TWO leftover cakes. We didn't bring candles but Betty found one so at least he got to blow out a candle.

Before we went to the party we stopped at Walmart to pick up clothes and toys and figured since we were there we'd get a few grocery items we needed. I really don't like shopping at Walmart for groceries. They just don't have a good selection of the things I need. I haven't been able to find fresh herbs, no barley (for soup), their rice section was pretty much wiped out and no Panko bread crumbs. GRRRRR. So we had to find a grocery store anyway. We found an Alberton's (which I LOVE) and of course, they had all the things Walmart didn't. They even had Calrose rice which is my absolute favorite. We could not get it when we lived in Florida so every time we went to visit relatives in Washington State I would buy a couple of 10 lb bags and take it home in my carryon. LOL It's not that I'm a rice snob but I just like the Japanese sticky rice.

Today is a really crappy day here. The temps have dropped at least 40 degrees from yesterday. Today we're at 46 degrees right now and the high yesterday was 92. I stowed the satellite dish last night when we went to bed because it was supposed to get really windy. It was, but it didn't keep us awake. It also rained but apparently not that hard because we didn't even hear it on the roof. We're just staying in today and not doing anything. I'm thawing out spaghetti that I froze for dinner so I'm not even cooking today.

Ashton's 2nd cake

He gets so embarrased when we sing

What's up with their hair???

Ashton really likes his presents

Reilly really likes the bags the presents come in


John said...

lol, tell shell nice hair! Looked like a lot of fun, where's my cake?

Debbie & Rod said...

I'm sure if there was a way she WOULD send you some cake, she's got A LOT of it. :)

Joe and Sherri said...

You know our g-kids are the same way. You buy them presents and they get the biggest kick out of the box they come in?? Go Figure.
Now that is a thought...get some boxes at the store and wrap them birthday...Christmas...I think I might have to try that.

Joe and Sherri