Friday, May 23, 2008

Pony Express RV Resort

Believe it or not those two pictures were taken today. One was looking east and the other was looking west.

We are really filling up here at the Pony Express. A lot of the rigs here belong to people who work on the refineries. I'd say probably more than half. We can tell because we see people come and go but others have been here before we got here. This park has only been open since October and believe it or not there have been people here since it opened. I couldn't imagine being here in the winter.

We went to look at some other parks in the area yesterday because I really don't like this park. As I mentioned the other day there's just too much concrete and not enough "ambiance" for me. Well, I sure got an eyeful and I guess this park's not so bad after all. Mountain Shadows spots are even closer together than this one and said we couldn't have the monthly rate for July. We'd have to pay $177 per week. OH MY GOSH!!! You should have seen that place. I wish I'd taken pictures. It's not worth $100 a week much less $177. From there we went to the KOA in the area and it wasn't much better than Mountain Shadows. They said they didn't have any monthly sites and we'd have to pay the $225 weekly amount. Are you kidding me???!!! Unbelievable what these parks are charging. At least this is clean, new and has a GREAT playground for the grandkids. We're still going to look at the State Parks in the area and see about getting into those.

Today we checked on to find out where the new Indiana Jones movie was playing. There was a matinee at a theater in nearby Bountiful. I checked it on the Garmin and of course it didn't show up there. Fandango had directions so I printed those out and we set out to see the movie. It started at 2:30 so we left at 2:00 in plenty of time to go the 5 miles to get there. Well, the directions were horrible and we couldn't find the theater. We finally stopped at a gas station and the kid inside told us how to get there. OMG, let me tell you we would have NEVER found it without his directions. By the time we got there it was 3:30 so we decided no way were we going to go into a movie after it started. We just went back home. It's Friday and the movie just came out so we'll wait for another day.

When we got home I checked some other theaters in the area and decided we're going to wait till Sunday morning when everybody's in church and we'll go to the first showing at 11:00. We used to do that a lot on Sunday mornings. The theaters are pretty empty then and you only pay the matinee price. Hope it's worth it, we sure did like the first three. There was a marathon on the SciFi channel last weekend and we watched all three.

The kids and grandkids are coming over this weekend and we'll do burgers tomorrow and then on Monday Michele's in-laws are coming over and we'll do steaks for them.

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Dee & Jim said...

Be sure to tell us how the movie is. We want to see it too, but sometimes it's better to wait for the video.