Thursday, May 29, 2008

Indiana Jones (Finally)

Yesterday we finally got to go see the Indiana Jones movie. What can I say? It was AWESOME! I think it was just as good as the first one except some of the stuff was a little far fetched. I won't say anything more for the benefit of those that haven't yet gone to see it. We went to the theater that we went to the first time we tried to see it. The parking lot only had three cars in it. We thought, "uh oh". But I checked on Fandango and got the time before we left home. There was absolutely NOBODY in the lobby and we even had to go to the snack bar to buy our tickets. We went in and there was not a single, solitary soul in there. We weren't early, in fact it was 11:25 when we sat down and the movie started at 11:30. Nobody else ever came in so we had our own private showing. LOL

After the movie we went to have some lunch. We found this cute little diner right by the theater. We both ended up ordering fish and chips. When our food arrived I asked for cocktail sauce for my fish and was told they didn't have any. Hmmmmm, well I'm not eating fish and chips without cocktail sauce. I decided to box it up and take it home for dinner and ordered a cheeseburger instead. When it came I asked for a pickle. "We don't have any pickles". **SIGH**

After that we just went to the grocery store and came home. I heated up the leftover fish and chips for dinner and enjoyed it with my own cocktail sauce. :)

Today was Ashton's graduation from preschool. He will be going to kindergarten this fall and that will be his last year at this school. They used to keep the kids till 5th grade but no more. They all sat in chairs in front of the audience with their "graduation caps" on. The "ceremony" lasted for an hour and a half with the kids singing 16 songs! They were so cute. Reilly sang along as she knew all the songs too. One of the little kids got stage fright and went crying into his mother's arms. Ashton had to be told to keep quiet. He's quite the class clown. Did I mention how cute they were?

Coming out

He's having a good time

He's not

Concentrating really hard

Mama and Daddy are soooooo proud

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