Sunday, May 18, 2008

Salt Lake City, Utah

Well, we finally made it to Salt Lake City. We're at a brand new place called the Pony Express RV Resort. We don't normally stay at places like this but SLC doesn't have a whole lot of choices. The KOA was full and there is another campground down in Draper (which is actually closer to the kids) but I didn't really like the looks of it from the pictures. It's called Mountain Shadows RV Park and we're going to go take a look at it while we're here. We may just move down there anyway. I personally don't like the place we're in. It's just too crowded and too much concrete. The staff is really nice and it is clean but I just don't want to spend 2 months here.

Yesterday was grandson Ashton's 5th birthday party. His birthday isn't until the 20th but you can't have a kid's party on a Tuesday. That's the main reason we had to get here by Saturday. We really wanted to be there for his party. Not that he even noticed the grandparents there. His party was held at this place that has a bunch of bounce houses and other stuff for kids to play on. As usual, in these kinds of places there were a TON of kids running around and several other parties and it was really, really LOUD.

Soooooo, my blog today is mostly pictures of the grandkids.

Reilly and Ashton spent the night with Nana and Papa Rod

Ashton's party

The pinata was a BIG hit

They both got a new scooter

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Joe and Sherri said...

Yes, we love our g-kids too. Never be ashamed to show off your g-kids...if you do then I will feel bad about showing mine off!!!

Joe and Sherri