Friday, August 29, 2008

Port Angeles, Washington

We left Vantage at our usual time between 10:00 and 11:00. We didn't want to leave too early because we were meeting my chatroom friend Phyllis and her husband Bob for lunch and we were only a few hours away. I forgot about all the fruit stands in eastern Washington so when we came upon the first one, of course I had to stop. Then we came upon a HUGE one in Thorp and had to stop there too. We finally found corn. Boy, do I have produce now! I have to take a day and freeze some bags of peaches. I bought a whole box of them! We made it to Kent and took the exit Phyllis told us to take and it took us right through the middle of town! We missed the turn we were supposed to take and ended up in construction. I called Phyllis and she knew where we were so she had us park behind this convenience store that had a huge lot in the back and then came and picked us up. We had a great lunch at a pizza restaurant called The Rock. It had a wood burning pizza oven and the pizza was fantastic!! Phyllis and Bob are really nice and fun to be around. We had a GREAT time with them and our lunch took about two hours. I really hope we can get together again sometime before we leave here.

We left Bob and Phyllis and headed for Graham to my brother George and sister-in-law Jolene's house. Normally this would have been only about an hour or so away but it was already time for rush hour traffic. UGGHHHH The traffic was awful and it took us about 2 hours to get there. As we were driving down the road I just happened to look to my right and saw a car sitting at the light and the driver was frantically waving. I immediately recognized my sister-in-law. She was coming from the grocery store and saw us. She passed us and led us right to their driveway where Rod had to back in along side their motorhome and car trailer. He did really good and was so pleased with himself. I think his fear of backing into places is going away.

We spent two days there and had a FANTASTIC time! They have three beautiful daughters. Stephanie, the youngest stills lives at home, the oldest, Tiffany, is married with two kids and the middle one, Ashley, is working and owns her own home with a cousin. We got to see all three while we were there. That was really nice. Tiffany came over one night with her two little kids Camryn and Jaedon. Sorry, Tiff, I don't know if that's the correct spelling but probably not. They're so cute and we call her daughter a "mini me". She looks just like her mom. She was really stubborn about having her picture taken though.

Ashley & Stephanie

Tiffany and Jaedon

I snuck a picture of Camryn

Here's some pics of our "campsite" in the back yard. Yes, they're really were SIX dogs!

We left Graham on Thursday morning and stopped for gas before hitting the freeway. It was $4.09 a gallon for diesel!! We haven't seen it this low since we've been on the road. After we were almost out of Tacoma we realized we hadn't even gotten any teriyaki chicken. If you've never been to the Northwest you wouldn't know that they're are as many teriyaki places as there are Starbucks and we really wanted a fix. I put it in the Garmin and we found a place in Silverdale and there was a big mall there so we were able to park and walk across the street. Well, it wasn't there but we did find a Chinese restaurant so that worked out just as well. We got some really yummy teriyaki chicken and continued on to Port Angeles. We had to cross two very large bridges to get there. The first one was the Tacoma Narrows bridge which only recently had a second one built because of the horrible traffic.

The Tacoma Narrows bridge. The one on the left is the new one.

The second bridge we had to cross was the Hood Canal bridge. This one is a floating bridge and swings open in the middle to let ships go through.

We are now at our campsite at Salt Creek County Park outside Joyce, Washington. I had to put that name in for my Sissy. We'll start our jobs here on Monday which consists of cleaning out fire pits, replacing TP in the bathrooms and picking up trash. Not too bad for a free spot. The other camphosts are still here but will be leaving Tuesday. We have no sewer hookup until then but I think we'll make it. Our view here is absolutely incredible. We're up on a hill overlooking the Strait of Juan De Fuca and over into Canada. This was one of the cruise ships we saw yesterday heading into Seattle. Are you onboard, Nancy??

I haven't taken a pic yet of our campsite but we'll be here for two months so I'm sure I'll be getting one soon. Also, I'll take LOTS more pics later of our incredible view here. People pay a lot of money to have a view like this and for us it's free........

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LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Deb and Rod,
I love your picture with you two, Phyllis and Bob. It is great when RV-Dreamers can get together. All the years I have 'known' Phyllis and you get to meet her first.

It is great that you finally sold your house and can travel like that.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX