Thursday, March 19, 2009

11th Street Cowboy Bar

Yesterday Chuck and Kathy picked us up at 2:00 for our trip to Bandera. They have some friends who are staying in a RV Park there called Lake Medina RV Resort. He wasn't quite sure where it was and he had told them we would be there around 3:00. The campground was quite a ways away and we ended up getting there at 3:30. We really loved the campground and are thinking that maybe we'll be spending a month there next year. The road getting there is pretty iffy though. Lots of steep grades and twisting roads. Oh well, lots of other people have made it in. The lake is really low though due to the severe drought Texas is having right now.

We were all planning on going to the 11th Street Cowboy Bar for dinner. On Wednesday nights between 6:00 and 10:00 they have charcoal grills that you cook whatever meat you bring with you. For $4.00 you can purchase your sides. The sides included salad, mashed potatoes, beans and bread. The only bad thing is that they don't tell you to bring your own steak knives. The flatwear was plastic! Luckily our steaks were pretty well marinated and easy to cut. There was also a Country & Western band playing but it wasn't too loud. Some people were even out dancing. I'm not into C&W at all but it was fun being around all the cowboy people. Everybody calls you "ma'am" and they tip their hat.

Another interesting thing about this bar is the bras that are attached to the walls and ceiling. Yes, I did say BRAS! Big ones, little ones, medium sized ones. LOTS of bras! I really don't know what the significance of it is. Must just be a "guy thing".

The guys are discussing the correct way to cook a steak

Jimmy's got some pretty big steaks there

The ceiling inside the bar

One of the bigger ones

Part of the dining area

The band

A "real" cowboy? This one is for Janet

People dancing

Today we're heading to Boerne with Chuck & Kathy again to visit Bob & Molly for the Thanksgiving dinner. Should be another really fun day!


Jenny Johnson said...

I want one of those cowboys!!!!!! Now this would be my type of place!! Putting it on my "bucket list".

Anonymous said...

Well that looks like a very interesting place. Have to pust that on a list. Were any of those cowboys wearing sneakers. ahaha


JB said...

Can you imagine the nerve of those folks, Country and Western music, in a Cowboy Bar,,,,really!!

Bob and Molly said...

Love the Easter bunnies too!! :)
It was great seeing you guys tonight...and big thanks for the the turkey!!!
These rallies are really tough, huh?
& I love the Cowboy Bar!

Joe and Sherri said...

Did you get any pictures of the Campground?? I would like to see some other places to stay down there. We stayed out on the West end of town at a CG there...can't recall the name. It was real nice and had deer coming up all the time. We love the Hill Country and will return there.

Joe and Sherri