Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Week in Kerrville

Well, most of our friends have left us here in Kerrville. The only ones left are Chuck & Kathy, Donna & Nolan and us. We sure do miss everybody but we've been having a good time anyway. We're having warm weather, people we like are still around and we're still in our RV so what's not to like?

Before everybody left we went to Mr Gatti's for a pizza buffet. The food was okay but the restaurant itself wasn't all that clean. The tables were really sticky and when I picked up my purse which I had stowed under the table the bottom was all wet. Ewwwwwww

The "Gang"

We also had a get together at John & Brenda's motorhome one night but I neglected to take any pictures. That was after another one of our potlucks where we finally got to sample Brenda's AWESOME peanut butter pie. Boy was that yummy! We got together with Rollie & Gina on their last night as Gina has been know to also make some awesome pies. We got to sample her strawberry pie one night and she mentioned she makes a chocolate pie. Well, we had no shame in asking her to make that either.

How come Arlene keeps showing up in my pictures?? LOL

We're SO glad we got to meet all these great people but we sure were sad to see everybody leave. I'm glad everybody made it home or wherever else they were going.

We've been having problems with our TV in the bedroom lately. Sometimes it would work and other times not at all. It finally quit altogether. We headed out to Walmart to pick up a new one but they didn't have anything that we liked so we decided to head to San Antonio to Best Buy. First we had to drop off our propane tank back at our rig. On our way back to the rig Bob (of Bob & Molly) called. They had moved to another park in Boerne and had invited us to Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. I have no idea why their group was having Thanksgiving in March but, hey, it's another potluck, right? We had mentioned we still had a 12 pound turkey in our freezer and would happily contribute it. Bob was wanting to come by and pick it up but we told him we were going to be passing right by and would drop it off. He then invited us to a baked potato potluck later that evening. Well, we certainly couldn't pass that up and it would give us a chance to see them again. What fun!

Here's my potato

Our Hosts Molly & Bob (they have this thing about wearing name tags)

We found the TV we wanted and also a DVD player for Ashton & Reilly when they come over.

Tonight we're going to dinner with Chuck & Kathy in Bandera. There's this place there called the 11th Street Cowboy Bar. On Wednesdays you bring your own meat to grill and pay $4 for your sides. Sounds really fun and I'll let you know another day how it was.


Anonymous said...

Its about time you posted again I have been waiting and waiting. I am now addicted to everyones blogs. Can't wait to hear about the Cowboy place. Hope I don't have to waitttttt to Still missing you Brenda

Leno said...

Ya, how come I'm in those pictures, could it be because of food.. I can see you two are still eating well!! Hey enjoy, why not.... Miss you both.