Sunday, March 22, 2009

Luckenbach and Fredericksburg, Texas

The day started with Rod finishing up replacing the bathroom fan. He did such a good job on it and it looks pretty good. Better yet, it works!!

Around noon all six of us piled into Chuck & Kathy's truck and headed for Luckenbach where we were meeting up with Bob & Molly for the day. Luckenbach is just a tiny little town that was made famous by Willie Nelson singing about it. Well, yesterday they were having a "festival". They were celebrating the return of the mud dawber. Why they would celebrate the return of a wasp I have no idea. The town consists of a dance hall, a general store with the post office and a bar. The parking lot is bigger than the town. LOL

The sign says population 3 but the guy in the store said it's really only 1 now

The Store & Post Office

The Bar

The Dance Hall

I don't know why but this guy brought his bull to take pictures with

Molly & Bob

Chuck & Kathy

Donna & Nolan

We left the "town loop" and headed for Uptown Luckenbach where we were looking for Monroe. He etches on granite and glass and advertises that he draws the fastest armadillo ever seen. He wasn't there but he leaves his doors unlocked and his gift shop is on the honor system. Unbelievable. He did leave a note saying that he was at the Fredericksburg Trade Days so off we went to find him.

Molly wanted this ornament so she dutifully deposited her money in the pipe. By the way, if you want to see any picture bigger just click on it.

We found the Fredericksburg Trade Days flea market and went on our search for Monroe. We all had brought beer bottles with us for him to etch. We found him!!

This place was a HUGE flea market with LOTS and LOTS of junk! And I do mean junk. There were some barns that had some nice things along with jams, jellies and dips. We sampled quite a few so you know what that means? Yep, we had to buy all the ones that Rod sampled.

Rows and rows of junk

And I do mean JUNK

From there we had to fortify ourselves for the ride home so on to town and the Auslander restaurant for some good German food.

I had jagerschnitzel, spatzel and potato pancakes. I had leftovers for lunch


Mac and Netters said...

Gosh, I miss all you guys and all the fun!!! I hate this being back at home...soon, real soon...

Anonymous said...

Well you guys look like you are doing a fine job of having lotsa fun without us. Lookiing forward to seeing you in May

Bob and Molly said...

Great blogging Deb!!! We had such fun we are trying to "recover" from all of the "rallying"! LOL
Miss you and hugs to both of you!

Joe and Sherri said...

Rod...great job on the fan installation...No one mention anything about your accomplishments LOL Keep up the good work...when my fan goes out I know I will have to find you on the road somewhere to replace mine. Keep having that fun and writing about it so we can be there with you.

Joe and Sherri