Friday, March 20, 2009

Thanksgiving in March??

Yesterday we loaded up the truck with Chuck & Kathy, chairs, food and jackets for our trip down to Boerne to have Thanksgiving dinner with Bob & Molly. They are with a group of people who are all members of the Escapees RV Club and sold their houses and went on the road fulltime in 2007. Since that also includes us we became official members too!

Bob deep fried 3 whole turkeys and 5 turkey "boobs" (as Molly calls them). Boy were they tasty. Of course all the Thanksgiving sides were there too. I wrote in a previous blog that this is not my favorites of holiday foods (except for the turkey)but there were plenty of things to choose from.

The Spread

I made a big batch of ceviche for Happy Hour and when I got there I found out they were actually having a competition for the best appetizer. Guess what?? I won!! WOOO HOOO. Since it was a vote by everybody there that really made me feel very proud of my dish. A lot of people had put the recipes for their dishes on the table. I didn't know they were going to do that either so they made me stand up and recite my recipe. LOL In case your interested, here's the recipe:


1 pound firm white fish cut into bite sized pieces
1 medium sweet onion, diced
The juice of about 6 limes
3 roma tomatoes diced
1/2 bunch of cilantro chopped fine
Salt & pepper to taste
Hot sauce (I use Texas Pete since I'm in Texas but you can use Tobasco too)

Combine fish and onion with lime juice to cover completely and refrigerate overnight. After marinating overnight add tomatoes, cilantro and hot sauce. I like to serve with Tostitos Scoops because they are like a little bowl. Enjoy

There were a lot of choices for appetizers

After dinner we had a brown bag auction. Everybody brings something from their rig valued at $5 or more that they no longer want in a brown paper bag. Everybody picks a number and when it's called you go up and claim a bag. After looking at your "prize" you can either keep it or trade it for something else that has already been chosen. Your "prize" becomes protected after being traded twice. I ended up with number 33, which was the last number. Not so good since if mine is taken I end up with whatever I get. I ended up with some sort of Rubick's cube and Rod got a beer cheese assortment on a dart board. It's okay and it was a lot of fun watching people trading their "prizes".

Rod's cheese assortment dart board


Leno said...

Deb, did you not know that you HAVE ONION in that recipe!!
Glad you enjoyed your time over there. Sounds pretty yummy to me..

Debbie and Rod said...

I swear to you that you can't taste the onion because it soaks up the lime juice. You KNOW I wouldn't eat it if it tasted like onions.


Randy and Terry said...

WHAT?? Thanksgiving food isn't your favorite? Now I know you are crazy - it's the best food EVER! Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato something, dumplings; oh, man I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

Congrats on winning the appetizer contest.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are having a great time. I find it hard to believe though because all of US are not there. Have a great day Brenda

Mac and Netters said...

Deb & Rod...Sounds like you are still having a great time!! We are missing ya'll a lot. Hope to see you soon!

Bob and Molly said...

Oh and that Ceviche was REALLY good too!! :)
It was great to see you share more fun with you!