Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Kerrville, TX

We spent a week in San Antonio not doing much site seeing at all but that's not what we were there for. We had a nice visit with John & Erica. John was even able to fix my old laptop and it's running like new again. We found a new burger place there also. Well, it's not new to San Antonio, just new to us. Really, really good burgers! They also sell frozen custard but we were WAY to full to try any of that.

John working on my laptop

Freddy's Frozen Custard

So we left San Antonio on the 1st of March (Happy B-day Michele!!) and headed for Kerrville to get together with a group of people from a RV Chatroom that I've been "talking" to for the last year and a half or so. There were 10 RV's showing up on the 1st and others were going to be straggling in on various dates for the whole month of March. Howard & Linda Payne of RV-Dreams started this chatroom and we've all gotten to be really good cyber friends and now we were finally meeting in person.

Mark & Dortha and Ellie & Jim passed us on the freeway about 5 miles before we exited off the freeway. They were coming from Rockport and we were coming from San Antonio. They had a four hour drive and we had a one hour drive. LOL We didn't get out until almost 11:00 and were in no hurry. This is a picture Dortha took as they passed us.

And here they are getting off the freeway

We've already had a Happy Hour,a potluck and a dinner with more to come. Monday was Texas Indepence Day so we pooled our food and had pinto beans, rice, cornbread, taco salad, jalapeno poppers and various cakes for dessert. I can tell it's going to be a bad, bad month for portion control.

Our Independence Day Potluck

On Tuesday we decided (Dortha's idea) to climb Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg which was about 30 or so miles from us. It's a huge rock that for some reason people feel the need to climb. :-) There really are no marked trails once you get ON the rock but there is one going TO the rock. It's basically a giant pink granite dome shaped rock that stands 425 feet above ground and 1825 feet above sea level. There are a bunch of rocks piled on top of each other at the top also. It kinda looks like caves and we just had to climb through those too. The only way to get to the summit is straight up! It was quite a challenge but a lot of fun, especially because we had a nice group of people with us. I'm not sore at all today which is really quite surprising.

Those little dots are people climbing up

The trail


The "caves"

The girls coming down

We left there and headed to Subway for some lunch and then back to the RV Park

Dinner was being served in the big barn here at the park. We paid $9.50 per person for pork loin, baby carrots, mashed potatoes, a roll and cake for dessert. Since we have twenty people in our group we had two tables of ten each. There was entertainment afterwards by a blind singer named Sara Gotto. She had a very nice voice but we didn't stay as she is a country western singer and we're definitely not into that.

One table

The other table

I thought this was a really nice picture of Mac and Netters so I had to include it

Today we're going into Fredericksburg to a German restaurant for lunch with the gang. I'll definitely be thinking of you Christel. No dinner tonight, we're having a campfire at sundown at Kevin & Arlene's site with more goodies. Stay tuned.....

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Joe and Sherri said...

I am soooo glad to see that you have posted and I can visit with you at Kerrville. We will be there Friday so don't wear yourself out. We want to visit on the porch and tell wild stories about RVing....

Joe and Sherri