Saturday, October 17, 2009

Salt Lake City

We made the 2 hour drive from Wendover to Salt Lake City uneventfully.  Michele kept texting me because she said it got really dark and looked like it was going to storm.  It was bright and sunny where we were,  just a little windy.  Since we were driving across the salt flats I took some pictures of the salt plants.

BIG pile of salt


And it belongs to Morton Salt


We arrived at the Pony Express RV Resort where we stay every time we visit here.  Michele wasn’t getting off work until 4:30 so we had to wait a little bit for her to bring the kids over.

Already watching movies


Todd is in culinary school and had class so we didn’t see him until the next day when he cooked us a YUMMY dinner.  Good job, Todd!!  Chicken Provencal, Greek couscous and steamed green beans



Here’s everybody just goofing off




Today Ashton had a soccer game and we had to be up EARLY for a nine o’clock kickoff!!  It sure is funny watching 6 year olds play soccer.  All they know is to kick the ball IF it happens to come close to them.  Ashton is number 7 in maroon and yellow.


Reilly has started kicking the ball around too and is actually quite coordinated.  I think she’ll probably be playing next year after she matures a little.


After the game we went in search of some food at the local Farmer’s market.  This market is in downtown Salt Lake City and it’s HUGE.  You name it, they  have it.  We ended up having breakfast burritos with chili verde sauce on it.  Quite tasty.

Reilly had to try ALL the crackers and jams


She takes after her Papa Rod…


The kids are having a sleepover here tonight and Ashton gets to watch another Star Wars DVD.  He’s really into Star Wars right now and in fact is going to be a Jedi Knight for Halloween.


Sandra said...

Cute kids! Hope you have a great time with them and you don't get snowed on!

Anonymous said...

Don't ya love little kids and sports???...

Mark and Dortha said...

Have a great time. Hope the air mattress get a good workout with those kids.

Hugs to all

Joe and Sherri said...

I know you are having a ball with the kids. Stay safe

Leno said...

Have fun with the kiddies.. You will be tired though.