Friday, August 08, 2008


Today is little Miss Reilly's 3rd birthday. It seemed like she was two years old forever for some reason. We won't be able to celebrate until tomorrow when they get here though. She was born while we were on a plane trying to get there in time, we celebrated her 1st birthday a few days late and we weren't even there for her second birthday so I guess it's becoming tradition to celebrate her birthday a little late. I gotta make cupcakes today. That should be a challenge here because I've never baked in high altitude before.

Isn't she lovely?

Our trip to Ennis was pretty successful yesterday. There was an awesome meat market there. We spent $70 and got a HUGE bag of meat. Yummy. We asked where the grocery store was and it was right down the street. We had forgotten to bring our ice chest so we had to buy one of those styrofoam ones and a bag of ice for the meat and the cold stuff. The grocery store was pretty good sized though. I got almost everything on my list. Funny though, the little store in West Yellowstone has those things I still need.

We had a visitor in front of the campground the other day. A bison came walking down the street right in front of us. Now, we're not on a lazy little street out in the woods. We're right on busy Highway 20. I mean it's REALLY busy. It's a major highway that leads right into West Yellowstone which leads into the park. Semi trucks go by here all day and night and there's a busy gas station within our view.

He was walking really fast, like he was on a mission and had somewhere he had to be. Rod was outside and called me to grab the camera and come look. I started to take a picture and DRAT! Dead battery!! I ran back inside and grabbed another battery and by the time I got back outside he was already going past us. I guess we don't even have to leave the campground to see wildlife.


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Reilly looks like she is pouting about something ? Cute.
The bison looks like he is quite at home there on the road. I hope one doesn't decide to bump your 5er, they look like they could do some damage.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Dee and Jim said...

I'm surprised a bison is in that kind of traffic area. I guess they get use to it and when they want to go somewhere they just take off.