Sunday, August 03, 2008

Valley View RV Park and Laundromat

I think this RV park started as a laundromat and became a RV park later. The laundromat is huge with 23 washers and 17 dryers. I've never seen a laundry room this big in a RV park. The RV Park Office only takes up a little corner and looks like it was almost an afterthought.

We haven't been doing much so that's the reason for no updates lately. We went into the town of West Yellowstone for some groceries and Rod got a haircut. The town isn't very big. Only two grocery stores and one hair salon. Yeah, he got a haircut at a "hair salon". He hasn't had one for several months and it was really looking shaggy.

The wind here has been relentless. Almost every single day since we've been here it's been really bad. Not just breezy, but WINDY. Gusts have been about 30 mph. Datastorm says the dish isn't going to be ripped off the top of the rig but you're supposed to put it down if the wind gets up to 40 mph. YIKES! We're almost there! I talked to Jenny today who has lived in Idaho before and she said it's always windy in this area. Great, we still have almost 3 weeks here. The good news is that Todd, Michele, Ashton & Reilly are coming Saturday and staying until Wednesday. YAY!!

Another weird thing here was the swallows. I think I talked about them before. There were literally HUNDREDS of them. They flew around all day long pooping on everything. The truck was covered, the table was covered, the rig was covered. Anything outside was covered with poop. Rod went to the office to ask about why nothing was being done about it. They told him the swallows were protected by the government. In fact they were in the process of removing the mud nests and actually had removed them from three sides of the building when they got caught and that's when they were told they were protected. Anyway, one day last week all of the sudden they were all gone! I have no idea where they went or why they left so if someone could enlighten me that would be great. I'm glad they're gone but it would be interesting to know why they left. All in one day.

The mud nests closeup

All along the wall

The picnic area

Our site

This park is not the best we've stayed in and it's still not out in the woods but for $400 a month and only 14 miles from Yellowstone National Park we'll take it.

Other than that there's nothing going on here. Today is Sunday and we have a few more days till Yellowstone Wednesday. I'm sure we'll find something to do.


Jenny Johnson said...

Are swallows related to amall furry animals who are also "protected".

Anonymous said...

Again. more gorgeous photos! We had a deer in our yard today so you could have stayed in KY & seen wild animals. LOL Lisa

Debbie and Rod said...

It seems there is wildlife everywhere but here.....


Joe and Sherri said...

Swallows are very sensitive birds and when they sense bad feelings toward them they go elsewhere... now if you believe all that I can really tell you some good ones.

Joe and Sherri

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Oh, dear, I guess you will have to get Ellie and Sandra to help wash your rig !! At least the swallows are gone, FOR NOW.
Lovely pictures, looking forward to more around Yellowstone.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX