Thursday, August 14, 2008


This picture is for Dee who said "don't put your kids on the back of the bison" LOL

Wow, what a week! Michele, Todd, Ashton and Reilly arrived at about 7:30 on Saturday and we were going, going, going nonstop while they were here. There is no playground or pool here for the kids so keeping them busy was definitely on the agenda.

On Sunday we went to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone. This was definitely the place to see bears and wolves (hence the name, lol). There was also a playground for the kids to play on.

There's a pack of 4 wolves here that have been together for 13 years at the center. They are all showing signs of arthritis and limp around a little bit. It's pretty cool to see them that close up though. They are fed elk and bison steaks and occasionally they put trout in their little pond and will give them a carcass of some dead animal every now and then. YUK!

Aren't they cute??

The bears are here at the center because they were either orphaned as cubs or they were "nuisance bears" which means they were getting too close to people's homes or were digging in their garbage.

Here's some of the bears

I wanted to take this couch home but I don't think it would fit.....

On Monday we went to Yellowstone. I know, we cheated and didn't do our usual "Yellowstone Wednesday" but they were leaving on Wednesday so, whatever. They wanted to see Old Faithful so that's where we headed. National Parks aren't exactly the place to take little kids. It's just a bunch of driving to get where you're going and they could care less about the beautiful scenery. We only saw elk along the way so there weren't even animals for them to see. Ashton kept thinking lava was going to be coming out of Old Faithful even though we all had told him over and over again that it was water and steam. I guess he just wanted it to be lava.

What else do you have while waiting for Old Faithful to "blow"?

Well, not everybody got beer.....

There was a lot of walking

On Tuesday we went fishing at Henry's Lake. It's very close, just a quarter of a mile down the road and across the highway. It was such a relaxing day. We decided not to take the boat because it would be kinda crowded and the kids would get bored with just sitting in the boat for hours. There was a rocky beach where they were able to play while we were fishing. We took a picnic lunch (of course) so between food and the beach they were content. Nobody caught any fish but that's okay. Michele and I decided we don't care if we catch anything, we just like casting.

What's more fun than the beach?

Now that everybody has left the exciting stuff begins. Yeah, right. Today we're doing laundry, cleaning the rig and vacuuming. We have to get stuff organized and put away because we are leaving on Monday. We're heading north and west. We need to be in Port Angeles in ten days so it's not like we're in a rush. We still have plenty of time to get there. We were thinking that we might want to look at a state park in Montana but all their state parks are boondocking only. That means no electric or sewer hookups. We can do without sewer for a few days but we don't want to do without electric. We'll probably just do a campground. After that we'll be heading for Washington state. We have really enjoyed our stay here in Idaho but it's time to move on.


Jenny Johnson said...

Deb I will have one of those "Old Faithfuls"!!!!! Looking forward to hearing when you will be in N ID/Wa Let me know - okay??

Dee and Jim said...

Now that's the safe way to put kids on Bison. Great pictures! I'll send this blog to Linda.

Debbie and Rod said...

I definitely will let you know Jenny. Should be less than a week away.