Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Day Exploring

Friday was another beautiful day here on the Oregon coast.  We went exploring to the north this time.  Mark & Dortha had been following the Lewis and Clark trail ever since South Dakota and Dortha really wanted to see where they had finally reached the coast.  We also needed to get some stamps in our National Parks passports.  Dortha & Ellie turned me on to these passports where you get stamps every time you visit a National Park.  We’ve been fulltiming for almost 2 years now and have been to several National Parks.  Some of them we’ve even been to a few times.  Now I have to go back to them just so I can get a stamp in my passport.  LOL 




Mark is trying out the wood carving “machine”


We left there to find something for lunch.  First we stopped at Costco for a few things and Mark & Rod being the oh so generous ones decided we would have the $1.50 hotdogs for lunch.  Mark even treated!  :)


We saw this cute little pickup in the parking lot


After “lunch” we headed for Astoria because we didn’t do anything when we passed through it last week.  Our mission was to climb to the top of the Astoria Column.  It has 164 stairs to the top!  Mark didn’t want to go up because he doesn’t like heights and he was apprehensive about the railing at the top.  Rod doesn’t like heights either but he was a trooper and climbed up with Dortha and I.  He came out to the observation deck for a nanno second and high tailed it back down.


Looking down at Mark


The view from the top was amazing!!


Next we crossed the bridge over to Washington to see the lighthouses at Cape Disappointment.  This is where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.  The first stop was the North Head Lighthouse.


On the trail to the lighthouse Rod spotted a porcupine in the bushes.  He was chomping away on some leaves and didn’t even care that we were there snapping picture after picture.


The North Head Lighthouse


Next it was on to the Cape Disappointment lighthouse.  The trail to this one was a lot harder than the first one.  This one was a mile round trip and was up and down hills.


The scenery along the trail was absolutely GORGEOUS!


We made it!


Cape Disappointment where the Columbia meets the ocean



After that we headed home and enjoyed another campfire with cheese and crackers.  LOL  I think this weekend is going to be pretty much doing nothing since we’ll have a few channels we can watch football on.  We don’t have internet so I need to go over to Dortha’s and upload all these blogs I’ve written.  She uses an aircard with a router and the cell phone reception here is really good.  We’ll be leaving here on Monday and hopefully the next park will have a clear view of the southern sky so we can get our internet back.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys are having a good time. I will miss the traveling as well as the company hope to see you guys again someday

Brenda Brown

Bob and Molly said...

Oh Deb, love the photos and your stories!!! Y'all keep on having fun 'til we can catch up!

Rick and Paulette said...

Great pics, Deb. Looks like we've got another place to add to our rv travel list.

Anonymous said...

I don't like heights either.. Rod & I could have bonded on the ground! Please let your Lewis & Clark buddy know that the expedition also stopped in Louisville & Locust Grove (which is less than a mile up the road from us). Locust Grove was home to George Rogers Clark at one time (Lewis & Clark relative).
Lisa Lindell

Ellie and Jim said...

I love your pictures, and am so glad you are having a good time on the coast!

Don't worry about the chicken marsala, I still have plenty of the wine left and will make it again when we get back together! (I was just practicing, lol!)

Safe travels, y'all!