Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lunch With Kellie & Jon

See? We really are in Oregon now.

Today we took our time getting going as the only thing we had planned was lunch with Kellie & Jon. Kellie has been Michele's (my daughter) best friend since high school and she's like one of my kids to me. We haven't seen her since her wedding two years ago and now she's pregnant with her first child (a little girl) and due to deliver in October. We were hoping she'd have an early delivery before lunch but that wasn't to be. We met them at the Power Station Pub on the grounds of the Edgefield Winery. Dating back to 1911, the property began as the Multnomah County Poor Farm. And the Power Station was just that -- the laundry and power facilities for this working farm. Now, it's one of the many restaurants on the property. When we drove into the parking lot I realized this was the same place where Kellie & Jon had the rehearsal dinner before their wedding! I had actually been here before. Rod had one of their specialty wines called Black Rabbit Red which he now calls his "heart medicine" and I had the Baghdad beer which was like a Hefeweizen, an unfiltered wheat beer. We were both happy with our choices. We had a really nice visit with Jon & Kellie and after lunch invited them over to see our "home". They had never seen it before but have been following along on our travels through our blog.

The restaurant sign is hidden by the trees

Jon & Kellie

After Kellie & Jon left we went to find propane for one of our empty tanks so we knew the closest place was the Flying J.

After that we headed for Camping World to pick up something I had forgotten from yesterday's trip. The little plastic strap that holds our pocket door was broken so we needed a new one. Just a little project to keep Rod busy. He also picked up a spare water regulator because he has a bad habit of leaving them at RV parks when we pack up to leave.

We headed home but first we had to stop at Popeye's Fried Chicken because I had seen one when we first got into Troutdale. I LOVE Popeye's not so much for their chicken but for their sides. Red beans and rice, dirty rice and their oh so good biscuits. So, that's what we had for dinner after spending happy hour with Jim, Ellie, Mark & Dortha, of course.

By the way, Rod made fun of me for taking pictures of all the places we visited today...


Shelli said...

Aww! Look at my Kellie with the big fat belly! :)

The Grunde's said...

Aww...thanks Shel!! Just had to make that rhyme! Thank you Debbie and Rod for lunch it was great to see both of you!! And wonderful to be able to sit and talk for a bit! I love your little set up, it is quite cozy! I will definetly keep you posted as things progress!!!

Jenny Johnson said...

Let him make fun---we love to see the places you have been!! Glad youre having a great time!! Still thinking of meeting you at the coast - if only I knew when you would be there - lol
Jenny J

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Deb loved the pictures and couldn't agree more about Popeye's sides. They just taste great!!

Safe Travels,
Rollie & Gina