Monday, September 28, 2009

Moving Down The Oregon Coast

Today we were supposed to leave Nehalem Beach State Park but we decided to move yesterday instead.  So, today we are at South Beach State Park just south of Newport.  We hem hawed around about leaving because there are no refunds but decided we just wanted to keep moving further south towards Salt Lake City before the snow comes.  The drive down the coast is absolutely beautiful!  I’ve always loved the beach in San Diego and the California coast but driving up and down Interstate 5 I never saw the Oregon coast because it’s on Highway 101.



After pulling in our spot and finding we had internet and TV made me a happy girl.  I love being in state parks but sometimes there are just too many trees around for our satellite dish.  When we do get clearance through the trees it’s just an added bonus.

We decided to go out and get fish and chips (halibut) for dinner at this  little place we saw on the way.  Jim, you would have LOVED this little dive!  We had steamer clams for an appetizer and found out Mark and Dortha had never had them before.  Mark also got to finally have his oyster shooter which he had never tried either.  He said it’s taken him a long time to get up the nerve to eat a raw oyster but said it was pretty good.  They also loved the steamers.


This is where they cook the live crabs right outside the entrance


Today we’re going to explore more of the scenery that we passed yesterday.  I told Dortha about the salt water taffy in Newport being better than what we got in Seaside so they need to get more since they (Mark) finished what they had.


squawmama said...

Hey guys... Sounds like you're having a great time. I love steamers and wished I was there to share them with you all... We just came out of the woods and finally have great interent again. It took so long to get on when we were out there... I guess that was better then no service what so ever. Have Fun & Travel Safe!

Leno said...

Beautiful scenery Deb. I just can't wait to do that drive. Someone just told me that it is hard getting these big 5th wheels into state parks but doesnt sound like you have problems..

Joe and Sherri said...

Sounds good I am getting hungry now.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. I have a grandson by the same name as your last name and find that interesting. My traveling is all done by computer thru your blogs. I have seen a lot of the NW.
Thanks so much for blogging

Jim and Dee said...
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