Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hoh Rain Forest

Yesterday we all loaded up in Mark & Dortha's Jeep and headed for the Hoh Rain Forest. It was only about a 20 mile drive from our RV park in Forks. This place was absolutely gorgeous. The rainfall is 140 to 170 inches per year! It was quite appropriate that it was raining the day we went. Because of the canopy and the rainfall the things that grow here grow to unbelievable sizes. The ferns alone are pretty amazing but there is also the moss that covers the huge trees.

By the time we came out of the rain forest it had stopped raining. We got out of our wet jackets and drove just a few miles down the road to the world's largest Western Red Cedar tree. It was a gravel road to get there but pretty easy.

We left Forks this morning at 10:00 and headed south on 101 to the little town of Hoquiam. We're staying at the Hoquiam River RV Park and we're at a site right on the river. It's really pretty here but not a whole lot to see so after we got all set up we piled into Mark's Jeep and headed for the ocean to the town of Westport. The beach here is really nice with sand and some rocks.

We left the beach to find the lighthouse that we had passed. It had just closed right as we pulled up so we didn't get to go inside. I think that was okay because they charge you $4 for the pleasure of climbing up to the top.

There are LOTS of fishing charters out of Westport for Tuna and Salmon. If we were going to be here longer I think Rod and Jim would love to go out on one of the many charters in town. Instead they had to settle for a fish & chips dinner at the Half Moon Bay Bar & Grill. I had one of their "World Famous" bloody mary's and let me tell you, it had so many garnishes with it that it would have been a meal in itself. It came with a skewer of shrimp, cheese, olive, onion (yuk), sausage, tomato and pepperoncini.

Since there's not a lot to do in Hoquiam we're headed out to Ocean Shores tomorrow where Ellie found out there is a Casino with a seafood buffet. Sounds like a fun trip to me. What can be better than seafood and a casino??

On Saturday there will be a Logger Days "festival" in town where there is going to be a parade right down the main street in town which is the only way in or out of town. We were told the logging trucks start lining up by 9:00 in the morning for the parade so we plan on leaving here by 8:00. Ugghhhh, that's going to make quite an early morning for us. We're headed for Kelso for four days so at least we can rest up a bit.


All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

sounds like you all had a wonderful day! We can't wait to get up to the northwest.

Rollie & Gina

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

I got to ask what you and Rod's travel plans are since I read that you made a homemade blackberry cobbler. Since I control where we go I might have to take a thousand mile detour just so I can sweet talk you into making another cobbler. LOL Safe Travels and hope to catch up with ya'll down the road.

Rollie & Gina

Joe and Sherri said...

Good to read you again. Sherri and I have been so busy on our adventure we have not had time to read all the journals. Hope to see the two of you later

JB said...

All these early morning with the Halls and Meachams will get to be a habit. Next thing you know you will have sunrise photos in your journal. Travel safe