Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Exploring The Oregon Coast

Yesterday we had a lazy morning waiting for the rain to stop.  It finally stopped around noon so off we went with ALL of us wearing our new raincoats.  Mark needed to exchange his because it was just too big.  All of us had to buy one size smaller than we normally wear but Mark didn’t and later decided he needed to also.  We drove down to the wharf in Newport where he exchanged his jacket and then ventured out to the docks again to look at all the sea lions lounging around.


After that we decided to head south since we had already ventured north the day before.  The Oregon coastline is just amazing and around every bend it changes.  Since we had storms all night and half the morning the waves were pretty big.



We saw yet ANOTHER lighthouse



As we came around the cove on the other side of the lighthouse I got out of the car to take a picture of the other side when I thought I could hear more sea lions.  I looked over the ledge and this is what I saw


The sea lions are just everywhere.  I was looking forward to seeing the Sea Lion Caves as it is  advertised as the world’s largest sea cave.  But when we got there we found out it’s privately owned and there is a $12 charge per person to see it.  Oh well, I guess we’ve seen enough sea lions for free.

We drove down to Honeyman State Park as this was supposed to be our next stop.  No way that was going to work.  It’s very heavily treed so there is no way we would get satellite reception.  Another one of our friends stayed there and said they weren’t even able to get any local channels either.  I’m not ready for not having internet or TV again.  We found out it’s only about 50 miles there and we need to make it at least another 100 miles or so or we’ll never get out of Oregon and make it to Utah before the snow starts falling.

On the way home we decided we needed to get some more steamer clams so we stopped at the South Beach Fish Market for dinner.


Don’t these look YUMMY???



We then headed home and realized we have been here for three days and hadn’t even seen “our” beach.  The path to the beach is only 1/4 mile long along a nice boardwalk.  Mark decided he was just too cold so Rod, Dortha and I headed to the walkway.  This is what we saw as we got to the entrance to the path…


We don’t drive around with the radio on so we had no idea this had happened.  Apparently there was an 7.9 earthquake yesterday in Samoa and there is supposed to be a one foot tidal surge tonight.  Okay, we can handle one foot.

We walked down to the beach and saw this beautiful sunset.


Mark & Dortha are packing up and moving today and heading home to Texas to take care of some things there.  We’re sure going to miss them but who knows where we’ll meet up again down the road.  We’ve had such a good time traveling around with them for the last few months and at least we know we’ll see them in Rockport, Texas in March.

Today we’re going to do boring stuff like laundry and house cleaning.  I guess we can’t play every day…

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Mark and Dortha said...

We too are going to miss you guys. Stay safe and get to Utah before the snow.

See you in March!!!if not before.