Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Exploring in the rain

We set out yesterday morning to do some exploring before the rain was supposed to come.  We had heard on the weather forecast that it was going to hold off until the afternoon.  Sure enough it did.  We headed out to see some of the pullouts that we had seen on the way down the coast when we were headed for our campground.  First we had to go up to Lincoln City where Mark had to find a Radio Shack for some kind of  part for his tow car.  Soon it was time to find something quick for lunch.


Our first stop was across the Yaquina Bay to the the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.




Then off to see the ever changing Oregon coast.



More of the sights on the coast





Soon we were in Depoe Bay where we all had to buy some more salt water taffy.  There were LOTS of different flavors but Dortha decided she liked the stuff we got in Seaside better.  She’s going to have to buy some in Newport now to compare them all…




After that we headed to Newport to the waterfront after getting a phone call from our friend, Jenny.  She gave us some info on things to see in the area.  Thanks Jenny!!


I have NEVER seen so many crab pots in my life!!


Jenny specifically told us about this one…..


The sea lions were just lazing around


Dortha found a shop on the waterfront that was selling raincoats on sale so we all bought ourselves new ones.  Today the sun is out.  LOL  That’s okay.  I think we’re going to go do some more exploring, rain or shine.


Jim and Dee said...

You're in a beautiful area. Lots to see, thanks for taking us with you.

Joe and Sherri said...

Feels like it is cold there???

squawmama said...

It really looks like a great day of exploring and your pictures were wonderful. Wish we were there too! Have fun & travel safe...


Cheryl said...

Beautiful area, love reading about your adventures. Keep the pics coming.

Leno said...

Havent heard any mention of you having any crab. Have you?? I love it.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thanks for the pictures, Deb.
I am enjoying going along for the armchair ride, seeing places that I will probably never visit.
I wish I could have spent some time on the Oregon coast on the way to Washington State in the 70's.
We started out on the OLD Hiway 1 in CA, but had to get further inland, as our 40' MH had trouble on that narrow road!
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Cait said...

Oregon Coast is so beautiful! I can't wait to go back!

That little shop you were in to get your taffy from (yes, I recognize it from the photo, I have an identical one with different people ;P) has HEAVENLY fudge. :P