Saturday, October 10, 2009

Avenue of the Giants and Reno, Nevada

Thursday we took the old highway 101 scenic loop down the Redwood Highway through the Avenue of the Giants to see more of the beautiful redwoods.  We didn’t get an early start because it was only a short drive there.  Again, these trees are amazing.  So beautiful and soooo tall.  We went to the part of the forest where they filmed part of the Starwars movie and you could just feel like an Ewok was going to pop up somewhere.  LOL. 




We stopped at the Visitor’s Center where the story of  Charles Kellogg was told.  Awed by the size and beauty of the redwoods he decided to show the world that they needed to be protected.  The Pacific Lumber Company donated a fallen tree.  He cut off a 22 foot section and built his Travel-Log .

The original RV??



From there we headed for lunch but not before driving through more of the beautiful forest.




We stopped at the famous “drive through tree” but we knew we wouldn’t be able to drive through so we watched as others did it in their tiny cars.




The tree is hollow all the way up!


Any little kid would LOVE one of these tree houses


Our lunch spot



We found the short hike to the Founders Tree and the HUGE fallen tree.  The root systems for these trees are very shallow and it’s a wonder they are standing at all




We went home as it was getting dark and packed up to move as far as Yuba City on Friday for the night.  We knew there was nothing happening in Yuba City so it was just an overnight spot.  I called the one and only RV park there and was told they had one spot left.  Sure enough when we got there she wasn’t fooling around.  This park was full of long term people and there really was only one spot left.

We left this morning at about 10:30 and headed for Reno, Nevada.  YAY!!  I was so looking forward to spending the weekend in Reno.  It’s been about 10 years since we’ve been here and never before in a RV.

The drive wasn’t too bad except for the climb over the mountains and of course, more road construction.  Why are those guys working on a Saturday??  We chose to do I-80 because it’s a lot easier to go over mountain passes if you’re on the interstate.




Rod did the research on RV parks and we decided on the one we thought looked the best.  We are parked here at Bordertown Casino and RV park.  The only problem is it’s about 15 miles north of Reno.  There is a casino here at the RV park but it’s small and kind of trashy.  We did have dinner there and it was pretty darn tasty though.  We cashed in our tickets and drove down to the Peppermill in Reno because we had been there before and we knew it was nice.  No luck in the machines though.  We left a little deposit.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day…..



Rick and Paulette said...

Hope you luck changes at the casino's today!! Thanks for all the great pics of the Redwoods, they were really neat to see.

Mark and Dortha said...

Great pictures...especially the tree house lunch spot.

Good Luck in Reno...

Miss you guys.

Jim and Dee said...

What wonderful pictures! Thanks for taking us with you.

Ellie and Jim said...

Glad you made it safely over Donner! Great pics of the Redwood Forest, what an amazing place.

We miss you! See you down the road.

Chuck & Kathy said...

Hey there, we used to live in Yuba City, and unfortunately I do agree that there is not much there. But it was close to a lot of great places, and it was a "dry heat". Glsf yout hsving s good time. Hugs, Kathy

Joe and Sherri said...

I think I could live in that playhouse! Not a bad pad...HE HE Hope you guys keep on having fun and sharing it with us.

Sharon said...

Looks like we have been traveling across the same areas. We have a photo of us standing in the tree exactly like yours...funny. We may be headed to Bolder NV in December/January if the job contract comes through.

See you later down the road...