Friday, October 02, 2009

Exploring Charleston, Oregon

Today we set off to see some of the sights in Charleston.  It’s about 15 miles south of  here in Coos Bay and we were on a mission to find some fresh crab.  I had read on the internet that Dock D on the wharf had the best prices.  We drove down to the marina and found Dock D and the seafood market.  YAHOO!!!  We’ve been wanting to find some reasonably priced crab for quite awhile.  It was $9 per pound in Newport but that’s quite high.  We found it here for $6.50 per pound.  The commercial season is over but they can still catch them in the bay.  A few of them were too soft but Rod was able to pick out some tasty ones.  I was looking at other stuff in the store so when I went over to take some pictures he had already covered them back up with the ice.  They also had some fresh canned albacore tuna so I had to have a few cans.



They cleaned our crabs, packed them on ice and off we went.  We needed to find something for lunch and this place was recommended to us.  I had prawns & chips and Rod had fish tacos.   Both were excellent.


Feeling fortified from lunch we headed out to fine the Cape Arago lighthouse.  We drove along some more of the beautiful Oregon coast south where there were plenty of pull outs and scenic overlooks.  You’re probably getting tired of ocean pictures day after day.


More sea lions



We saw the lighthouse so we drove back up the road looking for it.  We found a street called “Lighthouse Drive” so we turned onto it.  It said “Dead End” and “No Lighthouse Access”.  We figured it must be privately owned and not open to the public.


We headed on back to our home to clean our crabs for dinner.  We’re having Crab Louie which is basically just salad with crab on top



We divided three crabs between us


One for me and one for Rod.  LOL.  Just kidding, one is for dinner and one is to freeze for a later date.



Arlene said...

My mouth is watering! Yummmm.

Ellie and Jim said...

Tired of ocean pictures? Never! Glad you are getting to explore more of Oregon! Safe travels!

Jenny Johnson said...

You gotta be kidding - we never tire of ocean pictueres - just keep taking them and posting them and we will keep looking at them and wishing we were there!!!
Stuck in Spokane
Jenny J

Joe and Sherri said...

You two keep me hungry! I have to go and fix me some breakfast now. Keep having the fun and thanks for letting us share it with you.

Mark and Dortha said...

I thinking since I didn't get any of that crab I will just have to settle for shimp in Vegas.

Miss you guys...have fun.