Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fortuna, California

Today we moved south another 120 miles to Fortuna, California.  First we had to go through the Agricultural Inspection Station.  We had been told yesterday when we went through that we would have to have the rig inspected today.  No problem.  I got rid of all the fresh fruits and vegetables that I was told about yesterday.  When we pulled up she told us we were indeed going to be inspected due to our “residence” being in Pennington County in South Dakota.  We saw several rigs being waved through but they all had California plates but soon a motorhome from Virginia came through and he had to have the same inspection we did.  Apparently they were going to be checking for insect “egg matter”.  She really checked it thoroughly shining her flashlight under all the slide covers and seams and then got underneath and checked the under belly completely.  We got a clean bill and were given a certificate showing that we had been inspected just in case we came across another inspection station.  I asked if she needed to go inside and check the refrigerator but she asked me if I had anything.  I told her no, that I had already gotten rid of my lemons and limes so she said we were okay.




Our certificate


After only 15 minutes we were on our way again.  Since we had already driven this part of the redwoods yesterday we didn’t stop anywhere except where there was construction


We left the coastline and are now inland but here’s a few more pictures



And more of the redwoods


We arrived at Riverwalk RV Park with no problems, got set up and headed out to the Bear River Casino.  When we checked in to the RV park they gave us a coupon for a two for one for dinner.  The special was a prime rib buffet so Rod got that and I just got a steak dinner since one of them was free anyway.  We left a little deposit in the casino and came home.


Tomorrow we’re going to see more of the redwoods at the Avenue of the Giants.  This is a 31 mile drive through the redwood forest on the old highway 101.  It also has the famous tree that you can drive through.  I don’t think we’ll be able to drive the “big butt” truck through it though.  :)


Mark and Dortha said...

Have you replaced those limes yet?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see pictures!!! I love that area. Good to hear you made it through the inspection. lol

Ellie and Jim said...

I can't believe you are without limes...Poor...Poor...Poor..Coronas..Travel Safe & Have Fun

Joe and Sherri said...

Switch to Miller lite and you wont need limes

Linda said...

You cannot enjoy Blue Chouters without limes. Get some.