Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Moving on Down the Road

Sunday was a football day although my Chargers didn’t play and Rod’s Seahawks didn’t play until 1:00.  We lazed around until his game was won and then went into Reno for some more fun.  When we got there they had Virginia St, which is the main drag, blocked off for something.  After parking the truck we walked over and saw the Italian Food Festival was just finished and packing up.  Bummer!  I would have loved to see that.  Oh well, off to the casinos.  Neither one of us won anything again and we left our deposits.  The machines just seem to be tighter these days and most of the casinos are pretty empty.



Monday we moved on uneventfully to Winnemucca.  That called for another casino visit since we are still in Nevada.  I made my deposit but Rod had a little withdrawal.

The drive across northern Nevada has been quite boring so when we stopped for a break I went in the rig and got my laptop to play Peggle (thank you Dortha).  It looks as boring as driving through Texas, doesn’t it?


See the road way up at the top of the picture?  That’s Emigrant Pass at 6,000 and something feet, our last mountain pass.


Through the tunnel


In the tunnel


Today we are in Wendover, Nevada.  We visited the casino last night as this is our last stop in Nevada.  I finally broke even!!  YAY!!  I was playing the quarter machines and not doing anything so I walked over to the penny machines.  I forgot that they actually pay!  LOL

We’ll be moving on to Salt Lake City today.  I’m excited to see Ashton & Reilly (my grandkids)!  We haven’t seen them since we went through in May.  Oh yeah, Michele and Todd too.  LOL


Mark and Dortha said...

I know you have had fun, but I also know you are excited about seeing those babies. Give them lots of hugs and enjoy them everyday.

Hugs to you both

squawmama said...

Hey Debbie & Rod... Reno sounded fun and I am glad that you finally broke even on the slots... Nevada for the most part is a boring drive. But oh Utah... one of my favorite states... So much beauty and things to do... Have fun with the grandkids.

Travel Safe

ps... I love football too but my 2 favorite teams are definately losers this year! LOL LOL

Shelli said...

Are you ready for some fine cooking? :)

Shelli said...

Oh and I love that Todd and I are afterthoughts...

Joe and Sherri said...

Casino fever...I don't know how long Sherri and I would last driving through Nevada??? I would be over the budget after an hour there...HE HE