Saturday, June 05, 2010

Almost There


Bluebonnets in Montana???


We ended up in Butte, Montana for the night on Wednesday.  Nothing to report.  Dumpy park but it was only for one night and convenient to the freeway.

On the way to Great Falls


We got a comment from Dortha that the people they bought their RV lot from in south Texas valley was also traveling to Alaska and to look for their Dutchstar motorhome.  She sent me the website for their blog with their names (Richard & Sarah) and a picture of their motorhome and the truck they towed behind it.  It was a nice thought but what were the odds of seeing somebody we didn’t even know that was amongst the hundreds that were headed for Alaska??

Look what we found as we pulled into our spot at Dicks RV Park in Great Falls.  They were literally right behind us!!


We walked over to their rig and asked if they knew Mark & Dortha.  We ended up spending quite some time with them and found out we had LOTS in common.  It was so much fun we didn’t want to stop talking so we all went out to dinner at the Mongolian Grille.  You pack as much stuff into a bowl that you can and then the cook grills it for you.  Wow, was it YUMMY!!


This is the assortment of meats and veggie and noodles


Then there was a TON of different sauces


The cook doing my stir fry on the huge grille


Then we all had to go get ice cream.  Richard and Sarah are picking theirs


We were planning on staying in Great Falls for two nights and then heading to Shelby, Montana so we could get an early start (stop laughing everybody) to cross the border on Sunday.  We were waiting for our mail to arrive from our mail service in South Dakota.  We had them send it to General Delivery to a little post office not too far from where we were staying.


After we picked up our mail we finished up our other errands and met Richard and Sarah back at the RV park.  We chatted with them for awhile and then headed out to dinner again.  This time it was for pizza.  After dinner we came back to our rig and watched a DVD about RVing to Alaska.  It had a lot of good information and really got us excited about this journey.  We’re hoping to meet up with Richard & Sarah again somewhere in Alaska.  We’re both on a little different schedule but I’m sure we’ll see them again.  We’ll make sure of it!

So, tonight we’re in Shelby, about 30 miles from the border.  Tomorrow is the big day!!


Happytrails said...

Wow! Awesome trip you are about to take. Some of us are stuck in hot, humid state campgrounds hosting so be sure and post some really inspiring pics!!LOL

Have fun guys!!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Gypsy said...

I'm really envious of the spot you are in right now, but my turn will come one of these days. I look forward to reading about your trip, and wish you happy trails!

Mark and Dortha said...

Now, I really am wishing we were with you...I know, I had my chance. LOL

Travel safe, hugs to JB, Brenda, and the both of you.

I am so glad yall had a good time with Sarah and Richard.

JB said...

You'll be surprised how many folks you will run into time and time again on the Alaskan trail. When we did it in 06 we thought we were in a caravan it happened so much.

Sarah & Richard said...

We had such a good time with you guys! Travel safe and we'll see you soon!

Sarah & Richard

Jim and Dee said...

That's so awesome meeting up with someone that was suggested to you. What fun! We'll be watching every turn. I wish we were there.

Amanda said...

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