Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Royal Tyrell Museum

Yesterday Brenda packed a picnic lunch and we loaded up in JB’s truck to head out to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller.  Rod is a dinosaur fanatic (me, not so much) and has been looking forward to going for a few years now.  Well, come to find out JB is also into dinosaurs so Rod had a friend to go with him and read every single thing they came across.  This museum is pretty amazing if you’re into dinosaurs.  It’s definitely one of the biggest we’ve come across so it took them a LONG time to get through everything.  We took a break at one point to have the lunch that Brenda packed for us.  Pork loin sandwiches, chips, fresh fruit, banana bread, and pecan pie tarts.  As soon as we finished with lunch we headed back into the museum as Rod & JB were only half through.  I had long since finished but went through again.  LOL.  Eventually even Brenda tired of it and we went outside to sit while we had a rare sun break.

We stopped along the way to check out Horseshoe Canyon



Then it was on to the museum.  The museum was named for Joseph Tyrell who discovered the dinosaur bones in Alberta’s badlands in 1884.  He was also into gold mining for more than 50 years but when he retired to Scarborough on the Rogue River he had substantial apple orchards and actually was responsible for developing the Golden Delicious.  Now, that I find fascinating!  LOL







This was the only wildlife we saw today


After the museum we headed home but JB decided we needed to experience the Bleriout Ferry which crosses the Red River.  I think the ferry took a whole five minutes to get across the river.  It was still interesting and fun.




So then we headed back to JB & Brenda’s where Brenda prepared yet another fantastic meal.  This time it was steak, shrimp, corn on the cob, new potatoes and yes, more frozen peanut butter pie.  After dinner we had another fire and just relaxed our full bellies for awhile before turning in.




Brenda’s dog is hilarious.  She goes out and finds sticks for you to throw.  She brings them right to you and sets them on top of your foot.  If you ignore her she will go get another stick only this time a smaller one (in case you can’t throw the big one) but she’ll stand there and stare at it for hours waiting for you to pick it up.


Notice the stick on Rod’s shoe?


Today is a “down” day so we can prepare to leave tomorrow.  I’m doing boring stuff like laundry today and Rod needs to go fill a propane tank and get me some more rum since I drank all of mine before crossing the border.  It’s really going to be hard to leave here but Alaska is calling…


Mark and Dortha said...

I am so glad you had this time to spend with JB and Brenda. Looks like you had a great time, even if you had to let Rod read every word in the museum.

Thank goodness Brenda had that lunch packed. I remember a few times in museums that I wished we'd had a lunch packed...Rod, we love you anyway.

Travel safe tomorrow and keep up the blogs or I will have to have my mom give you a call.

Hugs to you both.

Jim and Dee said...

I agree with Dortha. It's wonderful you got to spend some time with JB and Brenda. I'm so glad you're posting, my mom says hi and please have fun in that area. Thanks for posting. Alaska is calling and I can't wait to hear all about it.

Happytrails said...

Sounds like great friends! So glad you have been able to spend some fun time with them on this trip!

Can't wait to see your pics from Alaska! :)

Stay safe!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Sandra said...

Hope the price of the rum doesn't scare you!

FD5 said...

The Captain and Alaska are calling.

Stay Safe