Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The BIG Adventure Begins

First of all, Thank You to everyone who told me how to get along with my laptop.  LOL, I sprayed the vents and the fan with a can of air and that made a HUGE difference in the temperature.  It hardly even gets warm anymore.  Also, to the people who told me how you can auto save your work.  Thanks!!

After we came back from Vegas, dropped Donny off at the airport the next day we went to go watch Reilly’s ballet and tap practice.  She really loves doing it and it shows.


The next day was Reilly’s graduation from Preschool.  She’s been going to this daycare since she was only one year old so it’s kinda sad she’s leaving it.  This woman has been operating this daycare for 40 years now.  She really loves these kids and cries every year when they leave.  We saw it with Ashton too a few years ago.






Ashton finally got to celebrate his 7th birthday a whole week late.  Since his Mama and Daddy had to go to Ft Collins to find a house his birthday had to be put on hold.  We all met at Boondocks which is an amusement place for both kids and adults alike.  There are video games, laser tag, 3D theatre, bumper boats, bumper cars, miniature golf and all kinds of fun stuff.






We had a fun Memorial Day weekend.  The kids came over and we barbecued some chicken.  We finally had some nice sunny and warm weather so we took Ashton & Reilly to the playground at the RV park.  They had a blast but were definitely ready to come back.  I set a timer and took it with us so there would be no complaining when it was time to leave.  I really didn’t need to bring the timer because they were both hot and tired and ready to go back.








Yesterday we met Michele, Todd, Ashton & Reilly at the Gateway Center Mall.  This is an awesome outdoor mall that has just about every store you can imagine.  We weren’t going there to shop though, although I did manage to make a few purchases anyway.  No, the reason we were meeting there was so the kids could play in the water.  This mall has the Olympic Legacy Plaza with the “dancing waters” of the Olympic Snowflake Fountain.  Water shoots straight up out of the ground from small holes.  There was something similar for the Atlanta Olympics.  Anyway, the kids had a blast playing in the water.





This morning we reluctantly left Salt Lake City in the rain.  We hate having to leave in the rain.  I have it easy because I do all the inside stuff but Rod has all the outside stuff to do and is usually pretty wet by the time we leave.  I got in the driver’s seat to check the taillights and when Rod came up to the door I decided I was going to drive today.  I don’t drive much but I drove a couple of hours until we stopped for lunch at the Flying J where we also fueled up.  Rod took over after lunch and we ended up in Shelley, Idaho for the night.  We’ve been to this park before and really liked it.  It only has about 20 spots and when we pulled in there was only one other rig here.  We stayed here about 2 years ago and it was the same thing, only one other rig.  Rod was in charge of the picture taking today and I actually let him use my new lens that I bought for Alaska.  LOL


Tomorrow we’re on our way to Butte, Montana.  We’ll probably only stay there for the night and then on to Great Falls, Montana for a few days.  I need to get some butter for a certain Canadian who LOVES butter.  LOL, just kidding.  It’s expensive in Canada and she does a lot of baking so I’m bringing her a “gift”.  HA HA!!  See you soon, John & Brenda!!


Dortha said...

I know you really enjoyed your time in Salt Lake. You are as crazy as I am about the grandkids. LOL

We are thinking about you guys as you start this great adventure. I wish it had worked out for us to join you. Just wasn't in the cards this year.

When you get to Great Falls or as you journey along the way, look for a Newmar Dutch Star. If it's owners are Sarah and Richard Shong, they are the couple we purchased the Retama lot from.

Keep us posted on the journey and don't let Rod get too used to using the camera and new lens!

Hugs to you both.

Jim and Dee said...

Great pictures. It's a blast being with grandkids. I'm so glad you're still on the way to Alaska. Please keep us posted, I want to hear it from YOU on how the roads are and how you like it. Thanks for posting.

Jim and Dee said...

Great pictures. It's a blast being with grandkids. I'm so glad you're still on the way to Alaska. Please keep us posted, I want to hear it from YOU on how the roads are and how you like it. Thanks for posting.

Speedy said...

Good luck...look forward to some good pictures and good post. We will not be going in that direction and will probably only see it in your journal. Be sure to take us along with you.

Jenny Johnson said...

That Welcome to Idaho sign almost made me homesick (not). Have a great trip to Alaska and if you ever get to East Tennessee be sure to look me up.

Randy and Terry said...

Have a fabulous trip! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Anonymous said...

oh yes Deb don't forget the butter lol. You look like you had some good times with those Grandkids. I can't wait for you guys to get here and the weather is supposed to be pretty good not hot but not cold either. We have lots of things we want to show you guys so get lots of rest.


roamingwhenwecan said...

I am so excited for you guys. You have waited so long for this trip. Enjoy every minute...Travel safely and stay in touch.
Brenda should have held off on that baking til you brought the butter!
Have fun....