Saturday, June 19, 2010

Haines Junction, Yukon Territory

We left our cool little campground in Watson Lake on Thursday and drove to Whitehorse. 

We saw a lot of people camping in cars the last night in Watson Lake.



These people slept in the bed of their truck


The roads were pretty much the same as we’ve seen the whole trip.  No worse than the roads in the States with some repaired potholes, dips and ongoing construction.  We had planned on staying a few days in Whitehorse but really didn’t like the campground we stayed in.  It was pretty much a gravel parking lot and our slides almost touched the slides of our neighbors on either side.  To top it off there were two caravans here.  For those that don’t know, a caravan is a group of RVs that travel together from place to place with a pre-assigned itinerary.  These caravans were pretty small compared to others out there.  There were only 12 RVs in one and 15 in the other.  If the campground is small they can pretty much take up the whole campground.

We went into town to eat at the famous salmon and rib place but found it WAY too crowded and they only accepted Canadian cash or Canadian debit cards.  We didn’t have that much cash with us so we went to the Edgewater Hotel and ate halibut & chips in the bar with some local beer.  Rod had the Yukon Red and I had Cranberry wheat.  We both really liked the beers.

We crossed over some grated bridges along the way



There was other smaller bridge construction



Beautiful scenery


Made it to Whitehorse


Today we drove 100 miles to Haines Junction.  Again, the roads were okay with some dips and repairs that was so new that it hadn’t yet been settled by vehicles so it made for some bumps.  Nothing major because Rod slowed WAY down when we saw them.

We’ve seen no wildlife these last two days and are disappointed in that.  Hopefully we’ll see some tomorrow.

There was a sign for elk but we didn’t see any


We’re staying in another gravel parking lot here with the sites REALLY close.  The people on either side of us don’t have slides so we have a tiny bit more room.  LOL  There’s really nothing to do here in this town either and we’ll be moving on tomorrow.  We did find a restaurant that serves Chinese food.  It was amazingly good!  Some of the best I’ve had.  Rod had curry chicken and I had Kung Pao Chicken.  Who would have thought you could get Chinese food this good in the tiny little town of Haines Junction??



This is supposedly the most photographed site in Haines Junction


This is the amazing view out our door


Tomorrow we’ll be moving on to Beaver Creek, 185 miles from here, still in the Yukon.  We thought about driving all the way to Tok, Alaska but it would have been another LONG day of  6 hours in the truck provided we didn’t have construction delays or wildlife sightings.  We don’t like traveling that way.


JB said...

Beautiful country, we stayed near Beaver Creek at a government campground named Snag Junction I think. Nice little lake and big sites. No power
Travel Safe

Cheryl said...

Beautiful country. I'm enjoying your trip, thanks !

Happytrails said...

That is a beautiful view out your door. Awesome!!

Safe travels!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Jenny Johnson said...

Really enjoying your posts--need more wildlife photos though--Glad to hear you are having fun...keep an eye out for JD from Hampton on a motorcycle with TN plates..

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

My brother and sister-in-law are behind you, also on their way to AK. But they are still traveling Route 66, in the US right now.

When you come across CG's that aren't very good, it would be great to know the name, so they can avoid them.

I am following your travels, and enjoying the pictures so much. Thank you, Deb and Rod.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Mark and Dortha said...

Loving the travels and the pictures.