Friday, June 11, 2010

On The Move Again

Wednesday we decided we needed a down day to take care of laundry and just “jell”.  We woke up to rain so I guess it was a good day to do nothing.  It’s not like we had to look at each other all day cuz we had JB and Brenda to spend the day with.  It ended up just being another great day with friends but we did get stuff done.  It was really starting to look like a bog at the farm though.  I can’t believe the rain we’ve had here.  It didn’t stop Meggie from begging to have the stick thrown though.  Every time we get up in the morning we open the door and there is Meggie with a stick on our step.  She waits for us every morning!  We did manage to get ourselves presentable to go out to the local tavern for some burgers.  Rod loves buffalo and they had them there so he had that and the rest of us had beef burgers and wings.


The next day we awoke to MORE rain but we ALL had cabin fever so decided we just had to get out no matter what.  JB & Brenda have this place they go to quite frequently to camp and ride their horses.  They love it so much they even got married here.  I can see why.  It’s absolutely beautiful!!  The amazing thing is that we wouldn’t have even known about this place if it wasn’t for them.  For those of you who are thinking there isn’t anything to see in Canada I can only tell you that you really need to visit JB & Brenda and they’ll show you their beautiful country.  And you can tell they are incredibly proud of it.  We were just in awe of it.

The ranch is called Ya Ha Tinda and is a primitive campground owned by the government but individuals pay an annual fee that pays for the upkeep.


We saw wild horses along the way with their babies


It took some ingenuity on JB’s part to get us to the falls as the water was running quite strong but he just grabbed a big rock, threw it in the water, and we were able to navigate around the river.  He’s got some WAY better pictures of us trying to navigate the river on his blog.  Click on it to read it.



Here’s JB & Brenda at the falls


The views from the ranch are absolutely amazing.  If there is such a thing as “God’s Country” I think we found it.



On the way back to the ranch JB decided to drive to an area where he KNEW there were moose hanging around.  We have been on a quest to find moose ever since we got to this area.  Well, apparently JB knew where the moose were hanging around because we found them!!!  How cute is that baby moose??!!!


We were thinking of going out to dinner but Brenda wanted to cook so of course we HAD to accommodate her.  Another fantastic meal by Brenda!!  Some kind of chicken rollups smothered in cheese.  Who could resist that???

This morning we sadly said good-bye to JB & Brenda so we could continue our trek to Alaska.  I’ll tell  you, it was REALLY hard to leave.  I think we could have actually spent the entire summer there.   Brenda even surprised us with a whole frozen peanut butter pie of our very own!!  Our hosts are the most amazing people.  I really wanted to experience horseback riding but who wants to sit on the back of a wet, smelly horse??  I’m pretty sure we’ll be visiting them again.  I’m thinking next summer for sure!!

Tonight we are in this quirky little campground about an hour north of Edmonton, Alberta.  They are having a tractor race and parade tomorrow but I’m thinking we’re probably going to miss that and try to get out early.  We’re headed for Dawson Creek in British Columbia which is mile “0” of the Alaska Highway.  It’s about a 5 hour drive from here which is a LONG day for us but we know that we need to put some miles in every day to make it to Alaska.


Sandra said...

Oops, on your Facebook comment I said to visit Gertie's, that's in Dawson City, Yukon, not BC. But it's on your way to AK!

Mark and Dortha said...

Great blog Deb. What a fun time you guys had with JB and Brenda. And, you found the moose. Caden will be so excited when I show him the pictures.

Travel safe and we are looking forward to more pictures. Hugs to you both.

P.S. I may have just found my destination for next summer. LOL

Jim and Dee said...

Thanks for posting. It's a gorgeous area. We have our sites set on Canada in the future. Be safe and have fun.

Anonymous said...

We were so glad to have you guys here with us. There is still lots we want to show you so you better come back. Miss you and safe travels.

PS thank you so very much for the butter and the prawns we will enjoy them something incredible

Love ya

roamingwhenwecan said...

Ok Deb, I think everyone will be wanting to head to JB and Brenda's. They may as well open their own RV Park...
Have fun and travel real safe. Can't wait to follow your Alaskan adventure.

Debbie Goode said...

I love the Baby Moose!! Too cute. I'm sorry to say it seems to be raining almost everywhere, but you still seemed to be having a great time...keep it up and stay safe!