Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Powerless in Coal River, BC

Our intentions today were to travel to Muncho Lake to the Northern Rockies Lodge and RV Park.  It took us just over 3 hours because there were frequent stops for wildlife.  It seems we travel for a few hours without seeing any wildlife and then all of the sudden it’s everywhere.

We saw a moose that was being very skittish.  In fact, as soon as he saw (or maybe heard) our rig he took off at a full gallop.  When he realized we were just going to keep following him he stopped, gave us a look and started chomping on the leaves of a tree.  Then he turned as if to take off again but gave us another look and ate from another tree.  As soon as we were finished taking pictures and started leaving he quickly crossed the road behind us.


He looked pretty beat up with huge scars all over him



Soon after that we saw signs warning us of buffalo on the roadway.  Although we didn’t see any on the road we did spot some along the side.  Apparently there are only 100 of these Wood Buffalo left in this area so we felt pretty fortunate to see them.




We pulled into the RV park and drove to our site and found it was way too small.  We walked back up to the office to tell them we were moving to a more suitable site.  We got parked in the new site, hooked up the electric to find it wasn’t working.  Back up to the office where somebody said they’d take a look at it.  After about 30 minutes somebody came down, reset the breaker and asked if it was working.  Nope, no power.  She said she’d try to find the maintenance guy but didn’t know how long that would take.  We asked for a refund and drove on down the road where we knew there was another park.  We didn’t feel like paying $50 for water.  They also had no internet and no TV.  It’s too bad too because this had a beautiful setting.



After leaving Muncho Lake we saw a bear with her two cubs sitting on a hillside beside the road.  Then we saw what she was waiting for.  A buffalo had been hit by a car and was dead right alongside the road.  She waited until she realized we weren’t a threat and couldn’t wait any longer, came down from the hill and started eating it.  Soon her cubs joined along in the feast.  I thought the babies were really cute until I saw them tearing into the buffalo.  I know it’s part of nature but I almost threw up watching it.  I asked Rod to just leave.  I couldn’t watch anymore.

Just a warning that the pics are pretty graphic so if you have  a weak stomach I’d suggest not looking at them.

Aren’t the babies just the cutest little things??



Then they ALL had a feast!




After leaving the bears we saw signs warning of caribou in the area but we never saw any.


We are parked now at Coal River Motel & RV Park.  It’s also 15 amp service but we couldn’t get anything to work.  So, Rod hooked up our 2 Honda 2,000 generators so at least we can keep the freezer going.  There is no internet or TV here either but it’s only $22 for the night and we’ll be leaving in the morning for Watson Lake where hopefully we’ll get phone service or internet or something.

The scenery today was absolutely amazing with mountains and rivers everywhere.  The only mountain pass we had to go over was about 4,000 feet so not too bad.  It rained off and on and the roads were bad in spots but we’ve learned what to expect by the road signs.


Whenever we see this road sign we slow WAY down


This is what it means






So, tonight it’s early to bed and up early (???) tomorrow.  I’m writing this tonight (Tuesday) but won’t be able to publish it until tomorrow (Wednesday).


JB said...

That is a bull moose Deb, and the scars are probably from fighting over the girls in the fall. Travel safe and enjoy your trip.

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Great shots of animals! Hope the next camping site works out better.

Jim and Dee said...

Thanks so much for road pictures. The animals are awesome too. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatley you are going to run into lots of them kinds of campgrounds until you hit some major cities but the scenery is worth it. Again I wish we would have came with you. Have fun and I am sure you are going to be sick to death of Moose by the time your trip is over.

Travel Safe

Jenny Johnson said...

Glad you are having fun --- awesome photos -- when you get to Canada keep an eye out for a motorcycle with Tennessee license plates and if you see it ask him if he is J D from Hampton -- a friend of mine is motorcycling from TN thru Alaska this summer. Maybe you will catch up to him.

Keep those photos comin'

Leno said...

Great pictures Deb.. looks beautiful!
Travel safe.